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About The Brand

Choc.Lips was created in May 2021. This brand was started because I needed something to pull me out of an immensely dark place. As some of you may know but some of you may not, on May 3rd 2021, I tried to commit suicide. I felt like I did not have a purpose and nothing motivated me or was even worth living for. I've been battling with depression since I was in grade school, so these feelings was not new to me. After sitting in a mental facility, wondering is this going to be my life forever, I decided to take action. I wanted to do something about it to make a positive change that will change my life forever. When I decided lip gloss was what I wanted to do, instantly I came across so many ideas that stood out to me. One of those ideas is that we are home based. So every product you see or get has been hand packaged by one of my helpful team members and I. The reason I chose lip gloss is because, not only did I want a lip gloss with high shine I wanted it to be just as moisturizing. In the future, for our new collections we will be expanding our products, and making sure you guys feel as hands on w the brand as I do. Thank you so much for your support



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